The Falkirk Feis 2021

Feiskeeper Closing Date - Wednesday 17th March

Video Submission Date - Friday 26th March 8pm

Results - Sunday 4th April

Direct all queries to falkirkfeis@gmail.com



How do I enter?

Enter via feiskeeper as normal for a feis. 

On the 18th of March your teacher will be sent a link to a googledrive folder to upload your videos. Information on the naming convention and extra information will be in this folder. 

Each entry requires a GDPR form which will be in the folder. 

What can I wear?

This feis is being run in accordance with WIDA rules. Please see the website irish.dance for further costume rules. 

Where do I get my number and do I need to wear it for the recording?

In the folder we sent to your teacher there is a document with all of the competitor numbers for your school. You do not need to wear a number, the number forms part of the naming convention of the video.

What do I name my video?

There is a document in everyone's folder which outlines how to name your video. You MUST read this document and label your videos correctly otherwise we cannot accept the video entry. An example of the naming convention for Lorraine, a Primary dancer who competes in U15, is number 204 and is dancing the reel, is #204-01-U15-P-Lorraine

All videos uploaded by 24th of March will be sense checked for the naming convention.

If I forget to submit my GDPR form by the 26th of March will my videos be submitted for judging?

No, if there is not a GDPR form for a dancer then we will not open any videos or move them to the judging file. We cannot accept any late submissions of videos or GDPR forms.

I accidently recorded an extra 10 seconds at the beginning of the video, is this okay?

No, you must trim your video. The maximum length of each video is 8 bars intro and 32 bars dancing. There should be no idle time at the beginning or bowing time at the end.

If we allowed an extra 10 seconds idle time per video the feis would take 6 hours longer.


Can I announce my dancer in the video at the beginning or put a banner with their name on the screen?

No, your video should not give any indication of what school you are from or what the dancers name is.

I'm an overseas dancer and I'd like to pay postage to receive the same prize as everyone in the UK instead of the 'overseas prize', is this possible?

Yes, email falkirkfeis@gmail.com if you would like to pay postage and receive the same awards as UK dancers. Please let us know by the 26th of March if you wish to do so.

What is the quickest way to upload videos?

You can upload videos straight from your phone to the google drive folder however it can take a long time. I would recommend that you plug your phone into a laptop/computer, open the google drive folder, click upload files, select the files from your phone , then rename the files straight away. (The videos are usually in a folder called DCIM > Camera)

I managed to upload 20 videos but now it won't let me upload anymore. What's gone wrong?

Chances are you have ran out of storage. We recommended recording all videos in HD and not 4k/UHD to save storage space. Google drive allows each user to have 15GB of storage so if this happens, find a friend who can upload some videos for you. Get in touch if you're struggling with this issue.